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Day 3 - And that’s how the cookie crumbles…

Or how the Peugeot brakes down. The day starters off very nice! Had breakfast with Kerstin and Karsten and their sweet dog Liffe. Packed up and hit the road. Not far into the drive a light started flashing telling us to “add blue”. Apparently for this diesel vehicle there is an additive that needs to stay at the appropriate level and if it gets too low, you are kinda SOL! We tried to top it off but the light would not turn off and the car told us we had only 10 KM to go before shutting down. On to the two truck driver who upon arrival confirmed there was nothing we could do and the Peugeot is SHITE! 🤣 he towed us to the Peugeot dealership where we then waited over an hour to hear from the car rental place only to find out that we needed to find our own means of transportation to AVIS. Our Taxi driver Toprak was a godsend! Very helpful, patient, and kind. When we arrived at AVIS we were met by Dani who got us in a new rental car very quickly, godsend #2! Had to make a pit stop to use a restroom at a gas station/quick mart. had to pay 70 euro cents to go to the bathroom. the bathroom smelled like death! But I did I get a voucher for 50 euro cents to use in the market! Woohoo! 😑 The whole ordeal took 5-6 hours but at least we made it to our hotel in Fussen. We were supposed to go to the Crime and Punishment Museum but as it turns out our only crime was renting a Peugeot and our punishment was being stranded most of the day. We arrived in Fussen at 8:45. Room was very nice and we grabbed a bite to eat before bed. Not the day we planned but it turned out okay in the end. 😁

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