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Day 10 ~ Goodbye Germany, Hello Austria…AGAIN!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Well we rose early this morning to pack up, grab some incredible coffee and fresh baked croissant or “brioche“ as they like to call it and went to pick up our bikes. We packed our gear and hit the road for the longest single day journey of close to 60 miles. The ride was tough, emotions were running high at moments, but we mustered through the long day and even had some incredible bratwurst on the way. When we finally got to our hotel at around 7:30pm we quickly cleaned up and found some fast”ish” food (similar to panda express), gobbled our food down, had a quick gelato and back to the hotel to sleep before we pack up and head to the next town tomorrow. Whew! What a day. looking forward to only riding between 30-40 miles a day for the next few days. Praying i can sleep in the bustling town called Linz.

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1 Comment

Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson
Sep 13, 2021

Not quite sur we are SMILING!!!

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