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Day 11 ~ Linz to Grein

We woke up in Linz after a night of loud city noises which personally jarred me awake all night. Linz is a big downtown city and while interesting, it was our least favorite stop on the journey so far. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel, packed up and down came the rain. We waiting it out for about 30 minutes and luckily it passed. We began the journey to a town called Grein, not knowing what to expect. The journey was not as far (about 38 miles) but tough none the less. When we finally arrived in Grein we were happily surprised to find a very cool and more country like atmosphere. We all got cleaned up, had a drink on the hotel’s patio and went out looking for a place for dinner. Monte; with his incredible people skills, spoke to some locals who directed us to a restaurant off the beaten path. It was incredible! The food, the wine, the desserts, a great reward after a long ride n the road. Time for sleep now. Tomorrow we move on to Melk.

important note: with very poor WiFi connections at our hotels I am having some difficulty getting pics uploaded to the website. You will likely also see errors on the pics page. 😁 will correct the problems eventually.

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