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Day 17 ~ Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s up the mountain we go

Here in Lauterbrunnen at the hotel the view is quite spectacular! But what about up the hill? That is where the adventure took us to yesterday. After breakfast we jumped on the funicular (a cable railway laid on a steep slope, and boy was it steep!), then onto the gondola, and finally the cogwheel railway train. We ended up 3 miles above Murren where we began our hike. While I cannot tell you the elevation we ended up at, I can tell you the view was breathtaking! At this point we were 3/4’s of the way to the top. I was able to break out the drone and capture some footage as well. We hiked down a bit and stopped at a cafe then made our way down to Murren. Monte and Steve decided to go to the very top and hike down while I decided to take some time to myself and do laundry, shop, explore, etc. Wait til you see the pictures Monte and Steve captured and the crazy chain link and cable bridge they crossed. I think God was looking out for me when I got the push to go down the hill Instead of up, lol. We finished the day with an awesome dinner at Oberland Hotel where I had the best caesar salad in the world! Time to crash…..

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That was an Epic day!


Marissa Mizuki
Marissa Mizuki
Sep 19, 2021

I can’t wait to see the pictures!

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