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Day 19 ~ Enter Lucerne!

Monte has been our guide along most of this trip but he has never been to Lucerne and so we all didn’t know what to expect. While it is a fairly big city (82,000 people) we were happily surprised by it’s bustling city life and the beauty of the architecture. We walked across the famous chapel bridge which is and old wooden bridge first erected in the 14th century. Today we had a delicious breakfast at our hotel and then had to go get our Covid Tests done; the highlight of the trip…NOT! Ouch!!!! But it’s done and we all get to go home, LOL. Besides that we are shopping, drinking cappuccino‘s and sampling some goodies from the local bakeries and chocolate shop. This trip is winding down and the mellow pace of the day has been wonderful. We are all looking forward to returning to our families and getting acclimated to our normal lives again. Well, except Monte. He was hoping for a positive test so he could stay in Europe longer but alas, his test came back negative. I guess the 25 franks he paid the gal to write “positive“ on his results did not work out. Don’t worry buddy, we got dinner covered for you tonight! This is not the end of The Old Bones blog so check back tomorrow as we begin our long journey home!

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