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Day 6 ~ Larchbodenalm!!!

Today was and incredible day in Ramsau! And I do not want to discount the other events of the day with the title of this post. We had a super fun go cart ride down the mountain today. Alister, one of the proprietors of Haus Maria went for the ride with us and filmed us with his go pro (video to follow)! It was a fast and fun ride and if you ever come to Ramsau, it is not to be missed! But the highlight of the day for me was stumbling across Larchbodenalm Bergkapelle a quaint and beautiful rustic cafe that we discovered after deciding to go on a hike uphill; about a mile and a half (very steep uphil). We were met by Kai who is the owners son who was nothing less of a remarkable host! He was incredibly kind and friendly and sat with us sharing some of the rich history of how the cafe came to be. We were approached by a man named George who was also incredibly friendly and just had an interest in talking to us. Come to find out that he was Kai’s son and the owner of the cafe as well as the owner of Larchbondalm Gasthaus George was humble and kind and shared more history of not only the businesses he owned but his family as well. The quaint cafe on the hill is quite magically! From the rustic construction to the cow’s on the hill to the guinea pigs in the corral. The food being served (while we did not indulge) looked amazing! The experience was awesome and we told them we would be back on Thursday to taste the cuisine (pancakes for me)!!! We ended our evening with a lovely dinner in town with the proprietors of Haus Maria, Alister and Denise. By far the best day in Europe yet! Tomorrow is a different story though. Please pray for myself and Steve as we face our fears up in the mountains. More to follow…..

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