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Day 9 - Goodbye to Austria, back to Germany! Wha?…

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

We awaited a special delivery for my beloved from our friend Kai with Larchbodenalm this morning. He was right on time and it was great to see him one last time. We then bid Austria farewell for now and I told Kai I would be back with my family as soon as we can make it happen. But back to Germany? Why would we do that? Well, two reasons. One, Germany is the only place we can drop the rental car off to you, and Two, it is where we pick up our bikes for the five day ride on the Danube River. The drive from Austria to Germany was supposed to take a couple of hours. But due to some wrong turns, disruptions, pitstops, etc., we ended up driving for four hours. Back in Germany we barely made it in time to drop the rental car off And took a taxi back to the hotel. While this visit to Passau is short, we did manage to walk through a small portion of town. We got a bite to eat at a small restaurant where our waitress was both crude and entertaining LOL. We also had some delicious desserts, yes that’s plural. On to bed now, up early for coffee and off to pick up our bikes. See you on the bike trail tomorrow.

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