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Jet Lag…. 9/27/21

Boy oh boy! I guess I have never experienced the effects of true jet lag prior to this European trip. Three full days of jet lag while my body fights to stay in Europe lol. Checked in with Monte today and he said he was experiencing the same. I thought I was all good today until this afternoon hit and I have to say, I’m a bit sleepy. We tried to contact Steve and he has either ghosted us or he is in a Jet Lag Coma; I will go with the latter! And now that I am home I will admit there are things I miss about Europe such as my daily cappuccino! Did I say daily, make that two to three times per day. I may need to invest in an espresso maker (talk to you about that later Monte). Once we are fully recovered the Old Bones will get back to our exercise regimen (speaking for myself and Monte only here) and will drop some blog posts on our activity and such. Until then I may make some random posts if people are still interested in reading them lol. Til next time!……..


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