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Nice to meet you! 10/4/2021

James may have not been able to make it to Europe with us but he did make it all the way from his home in Arizona to Lazy Dog in Folsom, California to have lunch with Monte and I! Was nice to finally meet James and share a meal and exchange conversation. James is taking time off to visit friends and we were graced with his presence today. We did discuss the possibility of another guy trip (maybe over a 3 day weekend) down the road. Other than that what have the Old Bones been up to? Just trying to get back on track after our 3 week adventure to Europe. Monte has been hittin it hard getting his cycling and swimming in; way to go bro! I have been slowly leaning back in to the weights and let me tell you, miss the gym for 3 weeks and it will take you that long to be lifting what you were lifting before. Right now all lifts are about 10 pounds down. Additionally I will be hittin the road with my wife for some cardio starting tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to be doing this with her! All for now and keep those “Old Bones” moving!!!

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