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Day 16 ~ Gruezi Switzerland!

Well, we did not get to ride the old Ferris Wheel prior to leaving Vienna. We did decide to walk over in the morning to take a picture and discovered that there was an entire amusement park with at least 30 rides or more along with the old Ferris Wheel. There was even 4 or 5 haunted attraction type rides so I was certainly bummed; maybe next time? We made our way to the airport, hopped on our plane and within an hour we were in Switzerland! After getting off the plane and grabbing all our bags we jumped on a train (or trains, 3 separate ones) to get to our final destination, Lauterbrunnen. it was a 1/2 mile walk from the train to the hotel. When I got to my room, I opened the back door to the patio to one of the most picturesque views from a hotel room I have ever seen! Mountains (some snow-capped) and a beautiful water fall. Simply magnificent! Tomorrow we take a tram to the top for what will likely be the most incredible hike of my life! Can’t wait!

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